Basic Duties Of The Winona County Auditor-Treasurer include:

  • The Auditor-Treasurer calculates tax rates and taxes due based on the levy request submitted by the county, cities, school districts, and special taxing districts
  • Prepares the Truth in Taxation Notices, and Property Tax Statements for every taxable real and personal property in the county
  • Maintains and collects property taxes and distributes the tax collections to the proper taxing district
  • Works with tax credits, and special tax deferments
  • Maintains special assessments for cities and townships, applies the payments for collection, and remits the annual installments to the proper taxing district
  • Administers Tax Increment Financing as it pertains to tax calculation
  • Conducts Tax Forfeiture Land Sales on behalf of the county
  • Maintains the tax roll through updates to ownership, splits, transfers
  • Chief Elections Administrator for the county
  • Serves as Deputy Registrar (License Center) for the county
  • Processes liquor, gambling, auctioneer, and transient merchant licenses
  • Acts as the bank and custodian of all County funds and cash assets.
  • Invest idle cash reserves into such banking instruments as commercial paper (short-term unsecured promissory notes), CDs (certificates of deposit), Magic Fund (Minnesota Association of Governments Investing for Counties), and Money Markets (savings accounts)
  • The department is required by law to maintain a set of records for all funds received and expended. Similar records are kept by the Winona County Finance Department. This provides a system of checks and balances necessary in all financial administrations.
  • The Auditor-Treasurer is elected by the citizens of Winona County to serve a four-year term.