Truancy Services

For any questions you may have, please Truancy Services or call the program at 507-457-6478.

  1. Truancy Intervention & Prevention
  2. Habitual Truancy
  3. Truancy Diversion
  4. Educational Neglect
  5. Attendance Policies

About the Program

This program is designed to deter students from entering the court system and prevent further attendance problems. The Winona County Restorative Justice Program offers early intervention programming to all Winona County students. To qualify, a student must be 12 years of age or older.

The ultimate goal is to work with students who have not reached the point of habitual truancy. Ideally, students are referred to the Restorative Justice Program no later than the 5th unexcused absence.


Please use the Truancy Intervention Referral (PDF) to refer a student to the Restorative Justice Program - Early Intervention. Intervention referrals should be attached and Truancy Intervention Referral.

It is recommended that you print the completed referral and scan it in to save it for your records. Then, please email the scanned copy to Restorative Justice. This will ensure a successful submission.