Transportation Sales & Use Tax

Resolution 2016-58

Transportation Sales Tax on Purchases in Winona County:

Whereas, Winona County recognizes that the current state and other available funding is inadequate to maintain and improve the county's road and bridge infrastructure.

Whereas, the Winona County Board held a public hearing on August 23, 2016, regarding the implementation of the Local Transportation Sales Tax.

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Winona County Board of Commissioners hereby imposes a 0.5% Transportation Sales Tax as provided under Minnesota Statutes section 297A.993, commencing January 1, 2017; and

Be it further resolved that the proceeds of the tax are dedicated exclusively to the payment of the capital costs of any and all transportation projects within Exhibit A; and be it further resolved that the Winona County Auditor-Treasurer is hereby directed to notify, on or before September 20, 2016, the State of Minnesota Department of Revenue of the imposition of this tax.

Adopted at Winona, Minnesota this 13th day of September 2016.