Reduce recidivism by promoting offender change through proven strategies during safe and secure incarceration and effective community supervision.


The Department of Corrections-CU is staffed by a Supervisor, Corrections Agents, Restorative Justice Coordinators, and Support Staff. The department is responsible for correctional services for juvenile offenders involved in all levels of offenses and for adult misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenders. Clients range in age from approximately ten to those who are elderly.

The Department of Corrections-CU is a participant in the Winona County Family Services Collaborative. As part of the collaboration, they have incorporated the asset-building model into their work with children and families. The department is actively involved with the collaborative in trying to improve inter-agency delivery of services to their clientele.

Department of Corrections
  1. Rená Patterson

    District Supervisor
    Phone: 507-205-6109

  2. Kevin Burke

    Phone: 507-205-6119

  3. Teri Henderson

    Phone: 507-205-6106

  4. Matt Hudson

    Phone: 507-205-6105

  5. Bill Moe

    Phone: 507-205-6118

  6. Kris Sather

    Phone: 507-205-6107

  7. Megan Reichel

    Support Staff
    Phone: 507-205-6114

  8. Renee Rumpca

    Support Staff
    Phone: 507-205-6108

  9. Bertina Zager

    Support Staff
    Phone: 507-205-6115

  10. Katie Illies

    Restorative Justice Coordinator
    Phone: 507-205-6116

  11. Kylie Davison

    Restorative Justice Coordinator
    Phone: 507-205-6117