Resources for Mentors

Mentoring Activity Logs

Activity logs are due monthly. The printable Activity Log below is a fill-able document. You may download, fill it out, and return it in person or via email to Megan Walters or Katie Illies. You may also try out our online form, which you can submit directly to the program.

Suggestions for the Program

Let us know what you think. It's anonymous and will go directly to our email. We appreciate your feedback!

Low-Cost Mentoring Activities

Community Education

Community Education offers an abundance of opportunities to get out and try new things. Many of them have fees and require registration but there are free opportunities as well. You can also sign up to volunteer, which is a great way to bond with your mentee and give back to the community.

The Community Education office is located at 317 Market Street (Old Central Elementary).

Live Well Winona

Live Well Winona is an excellent connection to the Winona Community. The organization provides access to tons of things happening throughout the region. They have a community calendar and race calendar that has events listed for the entire year. There are several resources available to connect you to various organizations in the area. And there are volunteer opportunities that are virtually limitless. Giving back to your community is most fulfilling. Have a look at their website and take some time to soak it all in.

The Live Well Winona office is located at 619 Huff Street.

Winona Park & Recreation

What better way to get out in this community than through the simple enjoyment of parks and recreation. From Lake Lodge to the East End Rec to the Aquatic Center to any of the parks and trails scattered throughout the city, there is no lacking easy fun around here. Many activities are drop-in and no-cost, and Restorative Justice can assist with membership/admission fees for facilities that require them. Just contact Drew or Lisa for more information about that. Recreation centers offer programming and activities year-round.

The Park and Recreation Main Office is located in City Hall, Room 105 on 207 Lafayette Street.

Visit Winona

This website, which is devoted to all things Winona, is a vast resource to connect yourself to the community and beyond. It offers outsiders and insiders alike a detailed view of this historic island city. Take a look at the tabs on the homepage and you will have access to great events and opportunities. The event calendar gives you the power to plan ahead or find something to do tomorrow night. The best part is there is a multitude of free activities to take advantage of. It's certainly worth looking into.

The Visit Winona offices are located at the Winona County History Center, 160 Johnson Street. The Visitors Center is located at 924 Huff Street.