Curbside Tips


Everything that goes into the carts has to be sorted out by machines and equipment at the recycling sorting facility in La Crosse. So, if non-recyclables reach the sorting facility, people there have to try to pull these items out by hand, because the non-recyclable items get caught in the equipment and cause the sorting line to be shut down. This takes time, which is money. In this way, contaminants cost our contractor more. And then, of course, they'll pass those costs on to all of us the next time our recycling contract is bid. The cleaner the recycling stream is today, the less our program will cost us. And, now that Winona County has achieved the highest recycling participation rate of any county in Minnesota, more than 95% of our residents recycle! Our new goal is to be known as the Minnesota county with the "cleanest" recycling stream!

Please review the acceptable recyclables thoroughly and carefully, as there are many important explanations that can prevent frustrations later on. For example, we list exactly what's recyclable, and what's not. If you catch yourself thinking about putting an item into your cart that is not recyclable, please don't!


Carts must be placed:

  • At least three feet from fixed objects like mailboxes, trees, streetlights, parked vehicles, and other carts
  • In a spot where they can be emptied with the automated arm--drivers will not be getting out of their trucks to move carts
  • Set cart in alley instead of the street, when possible.
  • Make sure the arrows on the cart's lid are pointing outward, toward the alley or street.
  • Place carts at the end of the driveway if possible, or on the boulevard within one foot of the curb.Recycling Bin
  • If you have no driveway or boulevard set cart in street, with arrows facing the street.
  • In rural, set cart on right side of drive (when exiting).
  • Position the cart on as level a surface as possible.
  • Lids need to be closed.

Set‐Out Time

  • Carts must be placed out by 6 am.
  • Return to storage within 24‐hrs of your collection day.


  • Clearing snow after each snowfall will make it easier to move your cart to its collection point.
  • Clear a place at your collection point so carts sit flat.
  • Carts will not be collected if placed on a snowbank.

Common Reasons for a Missed Pick‐Up

  • Cart was not placed according to the above guidelines.
  • Cart was set out after the designated time.
  • Recyclables were left outside of the cart.
  • Cart was over filled; lid was not closed to prevent spillage.
  • Cart was set out on a snow bank.
  • Cart contained unacceptable items like trash, appliances, electronics, hazardous waste, etc.

For all curbside-related questions, contact Harter's Quick Clean-Up online or at 608-782-2082.