Appliance Recycling


The only avenue for recycling major appliances in Winona County is through privately operated scrap yards. The cost of dropping off appliances at the scrap yards can vary from as little as free to $35, based on the market value of scrap metal. At this time, there is generally no charge for recycling a stove, dishwasher or washer, or dryer anytime at the scrap yards. On the other hand, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers, that have a compressor with Freon in them, are the appliances that typically have a charge associated with recycling them and are only free during the collection event.

Also, for the last six years, Winona County has arranged for the county's scrap yards to accept appliances with Freon in them for no charge at their places of business in the Spring.

2023 Appliance Collection Information