Solid Waste

Winona county focusses on reducing the volume and toxicity of our waste stream through our Household Hazardous Waste Facility and curbside recycling programs. Collection of garbage, demolition debris, and other special waste materials are managed through private haulers and transfer stations. See who can provide service in your area here: Areas of Operation for Solid Waste Haulers! We continually strive to conduct education and implementation of strategies to reduce landfilled waste through waste reuse, reduction, and recycling. 

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Farm Disposal of Solid Waste

Owners and operators of land used for farming are allowed to bury and/or burn the following without a permit:

(1) Solid waste generated from the person's household or farming operations. This does not apply if regularly scheduled pick up of solid waste is reasonably available at the person's farm. 

(2) "Clean" concrete or reinforcing bar from a building or structure. If it is painted or coated it must be lab tested for lead. Within 90 days of burying, an Affidavit of Concrete Burial on site and a map showing boundary of property and location of buried materials needs to be recorded to the state and county. 

These exemptions do not apply to burning of tires or plastics, HHW, appliances, batteries, used motor oil, or lead acid batteries from motor vehicles. For more more information click here for the MPCA fact sheet on farm disposal of solid waste