Curbside Program Funding


Curbside Recycling Collection is one of the solid waste programs operated by Winona County for its residents and businesses and funded through the Solid Waste Fund.

Other solid waste programs include:

  • Multi-family Housing Recycling Collection
  • Commercial Recycling Collection for Institutions and Licensed Food Handlers
  • Household Hazardous Waste Program (Hazardous Waste Disposal Services for residents)
  • Very Small Quantity Generator Program (Hazardous Waste Disposal Services for small businesses)
  • An Annual Appliance Collection 
  • Special Event Collections

In addition, the solid waste funds support the following services:

  • Licensing of garbage haulers and solid waste/recycling facilities
  • Handling of complaints regarding open burning and illegal disposal of garbage
  • Administration of Solid Waste Plan and Ordinances

Revenue Sources

The primary sources of revenue for the Solid Waste Fund are:

  • $28 annual parcel fee
  • 13% surcharge on hauler bills; and
  • Score funds from the State of Minnesota