Everyday Ways to Reduce Pollutants

Tips on Reducing Pollutants

  • Pick up after pets. Pet waste contains bacteria, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
  • Keep grass clippings and leaves off the street and away from storm drains.
  • Clean up spilled fertilizer, oil, and other household chemicals. They should be disposed of properly at your local Hazardous Waste collection facility. They should not be poured down a storm drain, into the ditch, or on the ground.
  • Wash your vehicle on the lawn. Soaps and detergents can contain phosphorus and other nutrients which will benefit your lawn but negatively impact the quality of our nearby waters.
  • Maintain your vehicle to be sure there aren't any leaks.
  • Install a rain barrel to harvest rain for reuse on your lawn or garden.
  • Plant a tree or install a rain garden. Both have deep roots systems that will filter out pollutants and absorb more water than the grass in your lawn can alone.