Sexual Assault Interagency Council (SAIC)

Winona County SAICThe Winona County SAIC is comprised of various agencies who respond to incidents of sexual assault. These agencies include law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, human and social service professionals, victim advocates, medical staff, and local university staff. The council strives to improve the criminal justice system's response to sexual assault. The council works together by following an eight-step process to develop, continually revise, and make additions to a protocol used as a guide to assist those who respond to sexual assault.


"Our mission is to coordinate an effective interagency and community response to sexual assault, serving all victims and seeking justice."


The Winona County SAIC Team was one of twelve teams across the State of Minnesota. The team formed in 1998 and has been continually working on improving the community's response to sexual assault cases.

The Winona County SAIC team is comprised of both systems-based, direct response, and advisory representatives. Currently, the team consists of representatives from:

The Winona County SAIC and protocol project are hosted by the County Attorney’s Office. Technical assistance is provided by the Sexual Violence Justice Institute, a program of the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Project funding is provided by the Office of Justice Programs, a division of the Department of Public Safety.

For more information contact the SAIC coordinator at 507-457-6586.