Teen Pregnancy and Teen Parents

When a teen 17 years old or younger delivers a baby in MN, the hospital must file a report to the county of residence within three days. Health and Human Services can then provide assistance to these young parents. Pregnant or parenting teens can work voluntarily with Health and Human Services and other voluntary programs that can connect them to resources.

A pregnant or parenting teen may choose to participate in the Teen Parent Program. This program connects them with a parenting educator, a maternal child health nurse, and a social worker to help address their needs. The teen can earn incentives by participating in the program.

Services available from Winona County Health and Human Services

From Income Maintenance

  • Financial and medical assistance
  • Help in establishing parentage

From Public Health

  • Help in preparing for labor and delivery
  • Education on infant care and growth and development
  • Immunizations and well childcare
  • Referral to the WIC program
  • Referral to the Child and Teen Check-up Program
  • The opportunity to meet with a certified Car Seat Safety Technician
  •  Low-cost immunization for qualifying adults and children

From Parent Support Outreach Program

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For additional information on services available, contact Winona County Health and Human Services at 507-457-6500

Last updated: 10/26/2022