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Participation Form - Adult

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  10. Desired Outcome

    Although it is the responsibility of the prosecutor to negotiate and the court to impose the final sentence, your opinion is important and can assist the Office of the Winona County Attorney in negotiating an appropriate plea agreement in this case.  In the following section, please indicate what you would like to see happen with this case. Some of the options are:

    Probation:  The offender's sentence is stayed for a period of time.  This means that the offender does not actually serve a full sentence, but is monitored for a period of time by an agent to ensure compliance with the conditions of probation.

    Jail:  An offender can be ordered to spend up to one year in a local jail.   Offenders with less serious offenses are typically sentenced to jail and not prison, often as part of probation.

    Prison:  Felony cases only. The offender is ordered to spend more than one year in state prison.   Offenders convicted of more serious offenses are sentenced to prison.

    Restitution:  The offender is ordered to pay money to reimburse the victim for losses that are a result of the crime.  More information about the process for obtaining restitution will be sent to you at a later date.

    No contact order:  The offender is ordered to have no contact with the victim.

    Counseling/Treatment:   The offender is ordered to undergo evaluations and/or participate in treatment or programs such as NA, AA, domestic abuse program, chemical dependency treatment, mental health counseling, etc.

    Community Service:  The offender completes hours or days of service to the community as part of probation.

  11. Outcomes
  12. Participation Preferences
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    You may still be contacted, even if you do not make any requests in this section.

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  15. Case Notifications

    You have a right to be notified of the developments of this case and any outcome, even if you do not have a specific request related to how this case should be decided.  In order to ensure that you receive all information that you are entitled to the Winona County Attorney's Office will send you written notifications and information throughout the process of this case.   However, there may be circumstances under which you do not wish to receive written notifications.  Please indicate the notifications you wish to receive.

    You will continue to receive notifications unless you indicate your preference otherwise.

  16. Status Update Notices

    Notices providing information about what happened at a hearing and what the next step(s) in the process will be.   Declining these notices does not include hearing notices or subpoenas requiring testimony at a hearing.

  17. Plea Negotiation Notices

    Notices providing information about what plea agreement(s) is/are being considered by the prosecutor and defense attorney.

  18. Disposition Notices

    Notices providing information about the final outcome of the case and any changes in final disposition.

  19. Please indicate if there are any exceptions to your notification preferences (things you do or do not want to be notified of that would be different from what you indicated above).

  20. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

    If you have any other information you would like the prosecutor to know or take into consideration during the course of this case, please contact our Victim Services Office at (507) 457-6586 or

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